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organic handmade goods

This collection has been in the works for months and today we are so excited to finally share (*some) of it with you. 

What's new:
We both love the outdoors and nature and spend as much of our free time in it. While we keep an organic garden and simple lifestyle, we felt there was more we could do for the environment, even at our small level in the handmade product industry. It took awhile to source the right organic fabric for us, but we've found something we really love that also works within our small batch handmade runs. Everything is certified organic cotton and hemp and act much like linen does in the home, but with even better health to the earth. So we can feel good about what we make and you can feel good about what you bring into your home. 

We have so many new designs that incorporate our love of pattern, simplicity, and fun that all homes should have. They mix and match really well, so pick and choose your favorites and they're guaranteed to look good together. Have a look for yourself!

*We have many more color options coming, but we are still waiting on some of our fabric supply to come in. There are a few other pieces we're working on as well!