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Tacoma Art Walk posters

The Tacoma Art Walk started back in the 80's, but despite being a large city with many talented artists and gallery spaces, the free night has seen dwindling numbers of attendees in recent years. We were asked to get people excited about this event again and we choose to create a set of 4 different limited edition, screen printed posters to promote the event. 

We'll soon be rolling out new branding and a website for the event that happens every 3rd Thursday of the month, but for now the 200 posters placed all over town on walls, in businesses, on poles, etc. are up for grabs. That is if you can still manage to find one! They were soon taken down by the many enthusiastic print collectors here in Tacoma and have probably found some really good homes!

This month the event takes place on July 6th from 5pm - 9pm. If you head over to the website you can download yourself a printable map to take along with you too. And if you're an artists looking to find a place to show your work or you're a gallery or local business interested in showing artist for this event, fill out their contact form for more info. And we'll see you every 3rd Thursday!!

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Tacoma Art Walk posters