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Stocklist Goods & Gifts branding
Stocklist Goods & Gifts logo
Stocklist Goods & Gifts packaging
Stocklist Goods & Gifts branding
Stocklist Goods & Gifts branding

Art Direction / Design / Typography / Illustration / Website

Stocklist is a goods and gifts store that opened it's doors the summer of 2016 in downtown Tacoma, WA. We were approached to start from the ground up giving the store a contemporary look that still hinted at times past.

We came up with the donkey cart icon based on the working city port and old photos we found of goods being transported from the docks. Several logos are used throughout the branding allowing for a variety of uses. Based on the location of the building the exterior paint had to be chosen from historical colors, we used this to our advantage and came up with a color scheme used throughout that was historically accurate to the location.